Spray Tanning

  • Full Body                                              49
  • Half Body (from hips up or down)         45
  To get the best Spray Tan
  1. Moisturise daily and exfoliate weekly, expecially in the few weeks before your Spray Tan.
  2. Exfoliate and wax/shave to remove hair and dry skin cells 24 hours before your Tan application, this allows time for your hair follicles to close and your Tan to fade evenly.
  3. At your appointment, ensure you are not wearing any deoderant, heavy makeup or body moistursier, these create a barrier to the Tan solution.
  4. Wear clothing that this loose, dark and comfortable.
  5. Your Therapist will advise when to rinse, do not get wet or sweat in the meantime.
  6. Your rinse should be about 30 seconds, warm and DO NOT use soaps, scrubs or wash your hair.
  7. Firmly rub your hands over your legs to remove excess guide colour. You will notice colour rinsing off and you will look quite light, this is normal, your Tan will continue to develp for 24 hours.
  8. The following day, you may shower using soaps to remove the remaining guide colour (remember to rub your legs again).
  9. Light exfoliate around day 5 to assist the fading process.
  10. Moisturiser twice daily after your first rinse.
  11. We will provide a hair net, dispoable g-string and bra. You can also choose to be unclothed.