Suffering with symptoms or unbalanced skin?

Suffering with symptoms or unbalanced skin?

Suffering from symptoms including:

  • breakouts
  • bloating
  • ezcema
  • IBS
  • bloating
  • headaches and migranes
  • fatigue or insomia 
  • weight loss/gain

An Intolerance test is a comprehensive body health test of items in an easy to use home-to-lab hair sample test helping you identify triggers to common symptoms.  Intolerance testing tests for:

– 975 sensitivities (in the Ultimate Test)
– Metals Toxicity
– Nutritional balance
– Gut Biome
– Metabolism
– Hormonal Balance
– Digestive Health

On purchase, you’ll receive a test form direct to the email address provided as well as further instructions. Simply fill out the form, enclose a sample and return it to the address provided. The test results are then produced in an easy to understand form which is split into the different categories of food, non-food, nutrition and metals, depending on your results. Sensitivity Checker Australia test for an 85% reaction rate as this is the level that will cause a symptom in your body.

Order you indiviual or family test by clicking here.

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