Collection: Pigmentation + sun damage

Accumulative sun exposure can leave the skin with discolouration and pigmentation.  A daily SPF everyday of the year will significantly reduce this impact of UVA and UVB rays on the skin.  Our Shade 30+ does not even feel like you are wearing sunscreen.

Vitamin C is a powerful key ingredient in breaking down pigmentation in the skin.  Morning and night: cleanse your skin, mist on the toner and apply a Vitamin C Serum and the Active Night Repair or Vitamin C cream (for night) and the Shade 30+ or Ultraderm 30+ (during the day).  The Dual Treatment Mask is a excellent product to use used weekly as an effective booster to brighten the skin.

A regular Microhydabrasion Facial with our brightening infusion and exfoliating disk will also lift surface pigmentation.