Top summer skin tips

Top summer skin tips

Taking care of your skin is important year round but with Summer fast approaching it's time to check in with your skin care routine and ensure you are taking extra precautions to protect your skin. Here in Nagambie we have a beautiful Summer season, long warm days and plenty of sunshine but we also have an incredibly harsh climate with humidity, intense heat and the 2nd highest UV index in the world. All of this can really take a toll on our skin so our team of professional skin therapists have put together a list of our top skin tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing over Summer.

Protect your skin with SPF! A vital part of your morning skincare routine should always include applying sunscreen, it is the most effective way to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Apply your sunscreen 20 minutes prior to sun exposure and where possible re apply every 2 hours. Now is the time to invest in an SPF that is prescribed for your skin type, gone are the days of thick, white sunscreen! We now have sophisticated formulas that means you can choose oil free formulas, hydrating formulas and chemical free options for sensitive skins.

A favourite at Rejuvenate Skincare is the Shade 30+ Moisturiser, it's a full spectrum SPF 30 with UVA/UVB protection. It provides necessary protection from environmental hazards, and sodium hyaluronate for maximum hydration. With a lightweight, soothing and hydrating formula it is ideal for daily use, available in salon or via our online store

Stay Hydrated As the temperature rises its important to keep our skin hydrated, despite the fact that for many of us our skin will produce more oil flow it's just as important to keep your skin hydrated through summer. Our skin can easily become dehydrated due to sun exposure, air conditioning and a cheeky gin and tonic on sundown.

Keep your skin hydrated by applying your regular moisturizer morning and night and consider adding a lightweight hydrating serum to your routine to boost your skin's hydration levels without the need for a heavy moisturizer. One of our best sellers is the Ultraderm Absolute B3 Serum, With Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to strengthen the skin and Hyaluronic Acid for essential hydration and firmness, it's the perfect addition to keep your skin hydrated.

Dont forget to keep up your water intake to nourish your body from the inside out. Aim for 2L a day, if you struggle with plain water try adding lemon, lime or some berries!

Essential fatty acids aka EFA’s are another important aspect in skin hydration. EFAs include omega-6’s and omega-3’s which affect many aspects of our health, including our skin, hair & nails. Consuming essential fatty acids in your diet will assist your skin's function and appearance and evidence shows that it can reduce acne, inflammation and slow down UV induced skin ageing. EFA’s also assist in protecting the skin's barrier to protect against environmental damage and reduce signs of dehydration. You can add these essential nutrients into your diet by consuming Fish, Nuts, Flaxseed oil, Avocado oil and Chia Seeds.

Repair and treat sundamage- Even if you are sunsafe and don't get sunburnt the extra sun exposure over Summer causes premature ageing resulting in uneven skin tone and fine lines. Protect your skin with age-fighting ingredients to help undo any damage that may occur, and to further protect your skin, we recommend incorporating products with ingredients like Vitamin B3, C and E to provide antioxidant protection. We also recommend clinical skin treatments such as MediluxLED or our very popular Microhydrabrasion to keep your skin healthy and glowing, both treatments are available in salon.

Exfoliate for clearer, smoother skin Extra sweat, sebum and the build up of SPF can leave our skin dull and congested. Exfoliating 2- 3 times a week will remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, reduce breakouts and assists in effective product absorption. If you are concerned with pigmentation or uneven skin tone, exfoliation will also benefit you by removing those damaged cells on the surface of the skin allowing fresh new cells to come to the surface. As an amazing at home exfoliant we love the Ultraderm Dual treatment mask with Glycolic and lactic acid. It works quickly to exfoliate, refine and illuminate the skin.What else would you like to see?

Up your exfoliation to a professional level in the salon by having a peel or micro-hydrabrasion once a month.

We hope these skin tips help you to keep your skin healthy over Summer. No matter what the weather or season is our team of professionals can answer any of your questions and are here to help keep your skin glowing.

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