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Our team of Therapists and Practitioners provide results driven Skin Treatments, specialising in preventative

and premature ageing solutions.

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New to Rejuvenate

Lymphatic Therapy

Lymphatic Therapy works by applying transient pressure to the skin to assist with activating these processes, creating a clean environment for cells to flourish in and feeding the cells fresh oxygenated and nutrient rich blood. Your next to glowing skin!


Clean Beauty. Clinical Results.

We are excited to introduce you to a brand new product line to hit the shelves at Rejuvenate Skincare Nagambie! Imbibe Living is a range of ingestible beauty supplements to care for your skin from the inside out. At Rejuvenate Skincare we firmly believe that glowing, healthy skin starts with inner health so when we discovered this incredible range we knew it was the perfect fit.




"After only two treatments of IPL skin Rejuvenation, my skin is amazing.  I am thrilled with the difference this easy little treatment has made to me.  Thanks again for making me feel good about my skin."

— Trish, Nagambie