SNS Soak Off Kit

Soak off your SNS at home.  This kit includes everything you need:


  •  pure acetone
  •  100 grit professional nail file
  •  180 grit professional nail file
  •  professional shine buffer
  •  nourishing cuticle oil
  •  cuticle pusher
  •  nail clippers


**PLEASE NOTE: there is no postage available on this kit.**

SNS Soak Off Kit

    1.  Prepare the aectone using a double boiler/bain maree method. *Please be cautious around the hot water.* Place a small amount of hot water in a medium sized bowl, in a smaller bowl, place a sheet of paper towel and then the acetone (enough to cover your fingertips). Ensure that the water is shallow so it doesnt pour into the smaller bowl.  While the acetone warms up, follow step 2.
    2. Use the 100g file (this file is very coarse, do not use this on the natural nail) and remove as much of the top coat and some colour coat as you can. (once you see through any of the colour, stop, to ensure you do not file the natural nail.
    3. Soak one or two hands/fingertips at a time. Soak in the warmed acetone for 5-10 minutes, rub fingertips into the paper towel from time to time.  The SNS will turn to a jelly like consistancy.  Pull your finger tips out every 3 mins and wipe them with paper towel to remove the SNS (avoid using the file to file it off as you may damage the natural nail).
    4. Once the SNS is fully removed cut and file the natural nail into shape.  To cut: cut one corner, then other, then across the whole edge (this prevents the whole nail from flexing).  File the nail into shape using the 180 grit file (file from one corner, inwards, then the other corner, inwards.  Filing backwards and forth like a saw will cause heat friction and cause the natural nail to peel).
    5. Wash your hands and apply a hand cream.
    6. Apply Cuticle oil to the nail and cuticle area and rub it in.  Use the shine buffer to buff the natural nail.  This brings the natural nail to a high shine, smoothes the nail plate without causing damage.  

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