Rejuvenate Treatment Credit

This Salon Credit entitles you to enter the priority Treatment System.


Due to the large volume of clients we will need to see within the first few weeks of re-opening we have developed aTreatment Priority System which gives you the opportinity to get the FIRST APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE.


You have the flexibilty to make fortnightly or monthly installments to your Account.  Your Account will build up during our temporary closure! 


We have limited amounts of priority treatments available due to volume of clients that need to see us in the first few weeks, so get in quick!


We look forward to seeing you all again very soon!




Salon Treatment Credit

  • You purchase a Salon Treatment Credit that gets credited to your Account.  The amount you choose will put you in the regular, medium, high or extra high priority.

    As soon as we have our re-opening date we will personally contact those clients who already had bookings for the weeks we were not open.  Then we will contact our clients who have a extra high, high, medium then regular priority.  Then only AFTER we have contacted the clients in the system, we will release our opening date.

    That's right.. as a Priority client we will call you BEFORE we even annouce our reopening date!

    Salon Treatment Credit options:

    • Extra High Priority $250
    • High Priority $150
    • Medium Priority $100
    • Regular Priority $50 (select "salon pickup" for this credit at checkout so you don't get charged a shipping fee)