Renew Facial at Home


Give yourself a Cleansing Facial at home!


This kit contains every product you will need for about 5 Facials ($35 per Facial!)


  1.  Renew Gel Cleanser
  2.  Karma Hydration Toner
  3.  Polishing Face and Body Cream
  4.  Renew Moisturiser with Tri-peptides
  5.  Daily 30+ Moisturiser with Vitamin E
  6.  Skin Refining Clay Mask
  7.  Fibrella disposable cleansing cloth
  8.  Cotton rounds
  9.  Disposable head band


    Renew Facial at Home

      1. Include your declotage into your Facial routine.
      2. Cleanse twice, the first cleanse removes make up, debris and pollution and the second cleanse deep cleans the pores.When using the Polishing Cream, do small circular movments on the outside of the nostrils, dead skin and excess sebum builds up here.Use the 30+ Sunscreen Moisturiser for day time and the tri-peptide for night time.
      3. Mild tingling and ertheyma (redness) is normal.  Ultraderm is a Cosmetcuitical which works on the skin at a cellular level reducing pigmentation and fine lines.
    • What you will need:

      • warm water
      • cotton ball for Refining Mask application
      • your kit
      1.  Place your headband on to keep your hair out of your way.
      2.  Fill your basin or bowl with warm water.
      3.  Dispense a pump or two of the Renew Cleanser in your fingertips with a little water, rub your fingertips together to emulisify the cleanser.  In small circular movements, cleanse your entire face and neck.  Use your Fibrella, clean face washer or Ultraderm chamois to rinse and remove.  Repeat this step (a double cleanse).
      4. Dispense a pea sized about of Polishing Cream to your fingertips. Spread evenly over your fingetips and press over your entire face, neck and decollotage.  In small circular movements, cleanse your entire face, neck and decllotage. Use your Fibrella, clean face washer or Ultraderm chamois to rinse and remove.
      5. Use a 20 piece size of the Refining Clay Mask over your entire face using a damp cotton ball.  Leave to dry for 10 minutes, replace the water with clean, warm water, then rinse.
      6.  Spray two pumps of the Hydrating Toner onto the cotton rounds and wipe all over the face, neck and declottage.
      7.  Pump 1-2 pumps of one of the moisturisers, warm in the fingertips and press into the face and neck.
      8.  Apply eyecream to the ring finger and gently pat undernealth the eyes.