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Imbibe Dua Lip Collagen Lips Christmas Bundle

Discover the Ultimate Duo!

Our original and Plum Honey Collagen Lips unite in this exclusive Christmas Bundle to give you that beautiful Plum flush of colour for evening or embrace an all-natural, light-reflecting pigment that leaves your lips looking fuller, more radiant, and irresistibly plump.

Elegantly packaged in our Red Imbibe Gift Box, with product wrapped in our Imbibe Signature Paper.

A volumising, nourishing lip treatment with active collagen peptides to volumise lip tissue, stimulate collagen and hydrate. Works as a lip treatment, mask and balm all in one. 100% natural. 75% certified organic ingredients. Hydrates and nourishes the lips with absolutely no stinging sensation.

Imbibe Dua Lip Collagen Lips Christmas Bundle

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