DIY Eyebrow Tinting
Colour for your eyebrows that last weeks!

- colours light and grey eyebrow hairs 
- the colour gives natural definition to the brows
- lasts 2-4 weeks

This kit contains (for one application):

- skin preparation solution (isopropyl alcohol) (labelled 1)
- colour developer (labelled 2)
- customised tint colour (labelled 3)
- tint applicator (stick wide on one end, thinner in the other)
- round pads
- cotton perfecting tips
- disposable spoolie


1) Cleanse Brows by adding a small about of the green skin cleanser to the round pad and wipe the brow area (labelled 1), then brush the brows in shape with the spoolie.

2) Mix together, the colour developer and tint colour (labelled 2 & 3) with the wider end of the applicator (the applicator is the stick which is thinner on one end), ensure the mixture is mixed until combined and creamy (usually takes about 15 seconds).

3) Apply the tint mixture to the brows with the applicator.

4) Clean up the excess tint on the skin using the cotton tips.  Follow the natural shape of your brow.  Remember to remove where you don’t want colour stain. 

5) Timing: the amount of time the tint is on the brows determines the depth of colour and skin stain.  Start timing as soon as you start applying the colour.  You will need to leave the second brow a little longer to get the brows to match. 

Allow the colour to develop for at least one minute, remove a little tint with the applicator to see how the colour is processing.  Once you are happy with the desired colour, remove the tint in one or two wipes with the round pads. Cleanse the skin clean with a little water on a round pad.  The maximum processing time is 10 minutes. 

6) Brush the brows into shape.  We do not recommend waxing your brows at home, instead purchase a serum and let them grow and groom them with Poni Zebra Gel.

Ash and Nic can restyle and sculpt them when we return.  However, you may tweeze a couple of hairs towards the eyelid but do not tweeze near the shape or arch of the brow.

DO NOT apply tint solution to broken skin.
Not recommended if you are sensitive to hair dye, have never had your brows tinted or had at reaction to a patch test.  Patch tests can be arranged.

Please contact us for any enquires.

DIY Eyebrow Tinting