Cosmetic Tattooing

In the spirit of welcoming our highly talented therapist Chelsea, let's get into some of the nitty gritty of permanent makeup and the services that are available in the clinic for you.

We start with the well known Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo. This in itself offers a range of styles to suit every brow, every skin type and every person. From natural and feathered to give you a fresh ‘no makeup look, to a more ‘filled in without having to fill in’ look with the Ombre Combination style. Always keeping your shape on point, we can cater to what suits your style. The cosmetic eyebrow tattoo can rebirth the fullness and shape of over plucked eyebrows from highschool or they can also refreshingly touch up already beautiful brows.

For those that wear eyeliner everyday the eyeliner tattoo or eyelash enhancement is perfect for you. Standard or winged permanent eyeliner can be achieved so you literally ‘wake up like this’ every day! For a more subtle look you can get the eyelash enhancer. This creates a darkener and thickened lash line whilst keeping a more natural appearance.

If you're a lover of lipstick and don't want to have to touch up your ‘Lady Danger Red’ lipstick after every meal or every drink, then the Cosmetic lip tattoo is going to give you satisfactory results. You can enhance your lips with a bold shade or natural lip colour permanently without the worry of smudging your colour.

During your consultation for your cosmetic tattoo appointment, we will discuss your ideal results that you want to achieve. We will go through a detailed process that covers shape, depth and colour matching that will give you long lasting results.

If you have been curious about having cosmetic tattoo services done come and book in with Chelsea for your consultation.

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