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5 insider tips from the professionals to keep your skin glowing this festive season

It's November already and the end of the year is fast approaching! The last 2 months of the year are always jam packed with celebrations and while it's always a wonderful time to enjoy the glistening lights, gifts and delicious food it can take a toll on your skin. The late nights, indulgent food, sun exposure and a few cheeky glasses of champas all have impacts on how your skin looks and feels.

Our team of skin therapists have put together 5 insider tips to keep your skin glowing during this time.

Double Cleanse - Attending events often means we will wear a heavier, longer lasting foundation than our usual day to day makeup. While this means your makeup will last the distance and look amazing in photos it can cause congestion on your skin. It’s vital to take the time before you fall into bed to remove all of this makeup, a quick double cleanse will thoroughly remove your makeup reducing the chance of skin breakouts and congestion. You might be wondering why the need for a double cleanse? Cleansing your skin for a quick 20 seconds simply isn't enough to penetrate those layers of debris. You're left with excess sebum, make-up, pollutants and grime that will give your skin a dull and congested appearance. By doing a double cleanse you are removing the sebum, dirt and makeup in the first cleanse and the second cleanse now has a chance to really get into the pores and clean your skin. It really is the secret to healthy, ultra-clean skin.

We love using the Ultraderm All In One Micellar Cleanser as a first cleanse followed by the Skin Karma or Skin Renew cleanser. You can shop all of these products in salon or via our online store - Here

Hydrate - With a few extra alcoholic beverages plus late nights our skin can quickly show the signs of dehydration. Keep your body hydrated from within by focusing on your water intake during the day, start your morning off with a large glass of lemon water and keep up the good habit by aiming for 2L per day. If you are at an event try to replace some of the glasses of champagne with sparkling water to keep hydrated through the evening.

If you are seeing the effects on your skin like fine lines, flaky skin and a dull appearance then we recommend booking in for a Microhydrabrasion to remove the surface dead skin cells and give your skin an injection of hydration, you will be glowing and ready for your next event in no time!

For an at-home treatment, try using the UltraDerm Skin Recovery Mask 2 x a week. This mask is an ambulance in a bottle for stressed skin, with rosehip oil, aloe vera extract and zinc oxide your skin will be calm and hydrated after the first use.

Nourish your body - The festive season means delicious food and extra indulging, this can mean we don't follow as much of a balanced diet as we normally would. While indulging in treats is perfectly fine and we dont believe you should restrict yourself we do recommend you try to nourish your body when you can to help keep your body healthy, increase your energy levels and keep your skin glowing. We are fortunate that in our climate we have an abundance of wonderful fruit and vegetables that are in season during summer (hello mango’s!) Add some of this beautiful fresh produce to the menu to treat your skin to antioxidant healing powers every day.

Keep up your skincare habits when on holidays - We all have our fingers crossed that this year we can be reunited with our families and spend some of the festive season enjoying quality time together. If you are planning on heading away don't forget to pack your skin care and keep up your routine while away, your skin will thank you for it!

We have some amazing travel packs available to make it easy for you to pack more compact sizes and keep to a simple routine while away. You can see our range of options Here. If you are unsure on what travel pack would be best for you then just ask our team, we would be happy to help.

Relax and breathe - While this time of year is full of joy and happiness it can also be an exhausting time. Between the social engagements, shopping for gifts and prepping for the big day we can often forget to take some time for ourselves. Take some time out to stop, breathe and relax. Treat yourself to a massage or facial treatment, yoga session, long walk or read a book. This will help you feel relaxed and allow you to actually enjoy this special time.

We hope these tips from our team help keep your skin glowing over the festive season, if you have any questions we are always here to help.

If you would like to learn more about our Top Summer Tips, download our FREE ebook!

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