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IPL is a non-invasive light based technology used to remove unwanted hair. 

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How does IPL work?

A fully trained therapist will apply a specially designed hand piece to your skin and generate an intense pulse of light which will be absorbed by targets in your skin. The light delivered from the handpiece is delivered at high intensity during a very short period of time. It is this rapid discharge of light that provides the high energy levels required for each IPL treatment to be effective!


Hair Removal Treatments

IPL hair removal treatments are easy, painless and quick solution to unwanted hair and can be successfully used on the body or the face.  Usually a course of 6 – 8 treatments is required to achieve optimal result, but once you've completed your treatment cycle, you can look forward to a lifetime of smooth skin with only the occasional maintenance treatment.  Compare that to the cost and hassle of a lifetime of waxing.


SHR: the next generationof hair reduction


SHR stands for Super Hair Reduction and is the latest breakthrough innovation in IPL permanent hairreduction. When compared to traditional IPL hair reduction treatments, SHR is faster, easier and best of all-pain free.  With SHR, you can experience comfortable hair reduction treatments in less than half the time of atraditional IPL session. The gradual heating method of the IPL SHR light delivery to the targeted hair follicle also means that treatments are comfortable and pain-free. The rapid treatment times and superior comfort factor both make SHR a leading choice when seeking permanent and hassle-free hair reduction solutions. In addition, SHR offers a great way tosave on the ongoing cost and time spent on waxing, shaving and depilatory creams.  SHR excels in rapid and painless hair reduction from larger areas. All LUX Series SHR devices alsocome with standard IPL, to remove hair from more difficult to access treatment areas (such as the upper lip, chin or toes]

Treatments from $45 per session! Pre-pay 6 sessions and SAVE!

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