Makeup Trials

Classic Eyelashes


One single Eyelash Extension is adhered to one of your single natural lashes for extra length, curl and thickness.   100 to 150 extensions are applied to each eye depending on the amount of natural eyelashes.

Allow 1.5 to 2 hours for a Full Set including a bonus lash cleanser, lash brush and lash wand.                  140

The natural eyelash sheds at about the rate of 2-5 per day, per eye.  To maintain the fullness of your extensions, we recommend refills every two weeks


1 week growth        60                            

2 weeks growth      70                             

3 weeks growth      80                           

4 weeks growth      90                         

Volume Eyelashes
Uses 3-6 light, soft extensions to each natural lash to add Volume without damage. Allow 1.5 - 2 hours for a Full Set.

3D 170

6D 190


1 week growth      3D 70     6D 80

2 weeks growth    3D 80      6D 90

3 weeks growth    3D 90      6D 100

4 weeks growth    3D 100    6D  100

4 weeks plus or less than 15 lashes is a full set